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Dwayne is a Yuin- Ngarrugu Descendant with connections to the Yorta-Yorta, Dja Dja Warrup, Watchabolic & Gunai language groups. Through 10 years of dedication helping Indigenous males regain connection, healing & growth he believes the concept of Bring Back The Warrior is giving humility & a much needed voice to first nations males. He also is the founding director of Ngaran Ngaran Culture Awareness, Co founder of Mirritya Mundya Indigenous Twist along with being an integral member of the NSW Aboriginal Tourism Operators Council.

Leading the way through demonstrating a positive outlook, drawing upon the teachings from his Grandfather Uncle Max Djarla Dulumunmun Harrison and his old people. Dwayne is determined to change the narrative, shift mindset and help pioneer Indigenous ways of knowing into the stratosphere of the world with gusto. In turn creating the necessary change and the prominent status for his community, family and culture, leaving solid legacies for the future generations to take on and project the oldest living civilization in the world to the forefront once again.

"I honour my old people & pay that respect to yours also"- Dwayne

'Always remember that today, is the first day for the rest of your life'- Max Djarla Dulumunmun Harrison

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Photographs by:

James Horan, Erinna Ford & Jim Klapsogiannis

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